Its been very nice away from PH

I have been away from Princeton House for almost two weeks and while I have not adjusted to the Night Life my soul is much more quiet and at peace. I am greatfull for the experences that I had at Princeton House especially the folks and wonderfull people in the PH ER. I cant say the same for PH Amsissions Staff but that is another problme that will need a lot of help if it is ever to be fixed. Its good to not be at PH. I really like what I am now doing at Light House Network.


New Palm Treo 680

After deciding that the problmes with the Palm 650 were not going to go away I decided to try the new Palm Treo 680 and what a wonderfull improvment. I like how the phone is more stable and is able to handel the call volume and email needs that I have for it at Palm Recording and Soul Care. Its a wonderfull extention of my Mac.

Just 7.2 more Hours to go to Freedom

well 4 me its just 7.2 hours to go for freedom from KS and PH. While I have loved my job helping people in need and the staff at the PH ER are just wonderfull I cant say the same for my experience in the department that I worked for. It has been a hell and the negative energy in the department is just groling. Managment picking on the wrong things to pick on and not support the staff for the very very hard job they do. Well I have enughf and have moved on. Today is my last day and I am looking forward to the new chanlanges that are ahead.

New Console for Palm Recording Studio

I really like the color of this console and think it would add the final touch to Palm Recording Studios. I have been in contact with the manufator in Fla and will continue to keep posting the updates. Aslo feel free to check out for more info.

Operation Mercy

Bringing Hope to the Needy Peoples of the World

Capital City:

It looks like Lighhouse Network will be involved and vist and we will help the good people hear understand about our medicine, treatment, and care of patients. I am looking forward to sharing what I have leaned over the years in working as a thereapist in the ER, Hospital, Local Churchs, Private Pratice and other settings.

Population: 25,374,691
Literacy Rate: Men: 56% Women: 24%
Population Below poverty line: Unknown
Unemployment rate: estimated to be over 60%
Facts: For the past 25 years ruled by Saddam Hussein, the people of Iraq have been subjected to poverty through territorial disputes, lavish palaces, and costly wars. The recent war of March 2003 has resulted in the end of the Saddam Hussein regime. Now there is much to be done to help the people of Iraq.
There is a continuing shortage of modern trained medical and paramedical personnel, especially in rural areas. The health system needs a jump-start to find resources for hospitals and health centres and to begin adequate waste and sewage disposal.
According to the World Health Organisation, “Extreme vulnerability characterizes the health situation of the Iraqi people. Several wars and 13 years of economic sanctions left a heavy toll on the nutrition of the population, on the social structure, on the economy and on the health infrastructure and services. Continuing widespread insecurity and lawlessness constrain the access to health facilities with the exacerbation of fighting in different areas of the country causing a large number of casualties.” ( Operation Mercy’s Work in Iraq
Operation Mercy has a close history with Iraq. We were founded in an attempt to bring hope and relief to the Kurdish people after the Gulf War in 1991. As the 2003 war approached, Operation Mercy began preparing personnel and planning relief efforts with other NGOs and UN working groups. We are focusing particularly on medical and educational needs in the Al Qudisiyya Province between Baghdad and Basra. Current Operation Mercy Programmes:
Iraq 85 051 200
Iraq Relief We have been based in Iraq since the spring of 2003 and have seen many positive changes. The needs however are still very great and we hope that as an Operation Mercy team we will be able to see more positive changes in the society. Having distributed medical supplies and school stationary, we are now moving away from relief into development, with the aim of empowering the local community to take responsibility for the improvement of their personal lives, their community and their country.
Iraq Development
On the education side, Operation Mercy has been able to complete the refurbishing of another two schools during the month of January, bringing the total to five, after completing three schools in the countryside last summer. One of the two refurbished buildings hosts two girls’ secondary schools, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A total of 523 girls are able to study in this school. During one meeting our staff were able to address the mothers and encourage them to allow their daughters to finish secondary education.
One of the development programmes is called CBR, Community Based Rehabilitation, where we are working with handicapped children in the area. People are very enthusiastic about the programme, and in a short time we have been able to accomplish a lot. However, the needs are great, especially in health education, and challenging the attitudes of the people takes time.

There are ways you can be involved! One of them is to give financially. Click here for more information on how to give…

Copyright © 2005 Operation Mercy – All rights reserved.

Tao / Dow "The Path, Way"

What is “Tao”?
The idea of TaoCommon dictionary translations of Tao include: road, path, way, means, doctrine. In the Tao Tee Ching, it is generally used to indicate the unseen, underlying law of the universe from which all other principles and phenomena proceed. It is described as unnamable, unfathomable and inexhaustible. Taoists attempt to be one with this principle.
Most of the Tao Te Ching describes the Tao and its manifestations so this is the best source for more detail. Since it cannot be understood on a merely intellectual level, it is best to feel the words in the Tao as well as understand them. Don’t forget that the Tao is a poem. It even rhymes in many parts in the original Chinese. This may have been to make it easy to remember for illiterate people and it may also have been to help us feel the meaning rather than seek to intellectualize it.
The Chinese character ‘Tao’You’ll see the original Chinese Character for Tao all over the book and all over Asia. This is it’s cursive, or artistic appearance.
Chinese Characters are actually pictures of their meanings. The meaning of the “Tao” character is clearer if you see it typed, like this:
It is made of two other characters: Go forward and Head The idea is that your head chooses to a path to go forward on. For this reason it is often used in Asian philosophy to denote the path or way to clarity.
In China, (Tao) is pronounced “dow”, as in Dow Jones Index and “doe” in Japanese. You have probably heard of it already in words like : Judo – “soft way” Kendo – “sword way” Karate – do – “empty hand way”

New Wine CD is going to first draft with Disc Masters

Pre Order Your Copy of New Wine for 12.99 for cd and 2.00 for shiping. Hope to be shiping CD’s by mid December Just send us payment via paypal to or send us a check to
Victor Tarassov
Palm Recording Studios
422 N Main St #10
Harleysville PA 19438

I will sign your cd if you like as well. Victor