Jess Hull celebrates

Jess Hull celebrates
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Giovanni Sollima – Sogno ad Occhi Aperti (Daydream) PART 1

Mackie Control Universal Digital Recording Console

Its on its way to Palm Recording Studio to complete the renavations and update to a full recording studio with Logic 7.2 Pro, Motu 828mkII, Martech MSS 10 Mic Pre, Shure KSM 44, 141, SM57, SM58s, CAD Trition 8000 tube, Stylus RMX with Licuid Groves, Blue Mic Snowball (for podcasts) Glyph GT 050Q Hard drive, Lacie 200 Hard Drive, Makie Big Knob, Frontier Tranzport, CME UF5 Keyboard, M Audio O2 Keyboard, Line 6 Pod XT Pro with 3 add ons. and much much more.

About Mackie Control Surgace:
A Universal Automated Control Surface!
Mackie Control Universal gives you real-time control over your music production software in ways your keyboard and mouse never will! With 100mm optical touch faders, a full-sized backlit LCD, V-Pots for fast tweaking of effects and plug-ins, and shortcut navigation and editing for all major software, this is the first, and last, desktop controller you will ever need.

Mackie Control Universal at a Glance:
A full-blown console controller with all the faders and knobs you need
Comprehensive support of almost every DAW software available
Provides near-total control over ALL software parameters

A complete console solution!
Mackie Control Universal gives you the perfect hands-on surface to create your music faster – no matter what software you use! It’s a nine-fader (eight channels and master) MIDI controller that provides in-depth mixing, editing, automation, and navigational control for any supported digital audio workstation. The MCU’s compact, desktop-style design is supported by almost every digital audio workstation manufacturer, and offers a full range of professional-grade features and controls. And at just one-third of the cost of other systems plus expandability up to 32 channels, Mackie Control Universal is a valuable addition to your project studio or live recording setup!

Extensive software support!
One of the key features of the Mackie Control Universal is the extensive DAW software support that exists – today! Supported platforms include:
Digidesign Pro Tools
MOTU Digital Performer
Emagic Logic
Cakewalk SONAR
Steinberg Nuendo
Steinberg Cubase SX/SL
Magix Samplitude
Magix Sequoia 7
Adobe Audition

Real-time control over almost any DAW function
Mackie Control Universal has three modes of operation: Mackie Control for Digital Performer, Sonar, Cubase and Nuendo, Adobe Audition, Samplitude, Saw Studio and others; Logic Control for Emagic Logic; and HUI emulation, for use with Digidesign Pro Tools. MCU’s eight channel strips are bank-switchable so you can handle multiple groups of tracks. Each channel strip includes a 100mm touch-sensitive motorized fader, mute, solo, and record arming buttons, signal LED, a channel select button, and a V-Pot that can be used to control panning, send levels, EQ, dynamics, and other DSP plug-in modules. Mackie Control also has a full automation assignment section, edit buttons, Undo, Redo, and Save buttons, and a Shift key that offers dual functionality for specific commands. Complete navigation control is provided in a tape-style transport with Jog/Shuttle wheel, Loop In/Out points, and time line quick jump buttons. And all these controls live within an analog-style mixer with a backlit LCD display that is comfortable and enjoyable to use. You can also add up to three Mackie Control Extenders to give you a full, 32-channel desktop controller.

Mackie Control Universal Features:
Eight 100mm Optical Touch-Sensitive Motorized Faders
Channel Mute, Solo, Pan, Send Level & Rec. Arm Functions
Multi-functional Rotary/Push Encoders
Comprehensive Automation Control with Undo
Full Meter Bridge w/Track Names & Parameters
Complete DSP & Dynamics Controls
Tape-Style Transport with Jog/Shuttle Wheel
Easy to Use MIDI In/Out Connections
External Control inputs
Custom Overlays with DAW-Specific Labeling

Kathy in Millerton NY

outside Taro's Pizzeria

Vicente Amigo

1st Lession for 4 or 5 finger Strum for Flamenco Type

Tuba solo Fnugg Blue, the original

this guy really rocks on the the tuba