Cover for Metro Guitar Case 59.00

I just ordered this cover from Musicians Friend for 59.00 what a deal. It insolates the guitar so the tempature does not hit the guitar when you go from warm to cold and vis versa. it also will add a bit more padding. I have seen the same cover go for 100.00


I just recived my Metro Humi Case vs. Accord Guitar Case – 2

Accord Guitar Case – 2
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This is a picture of the guitar case that Ottmar uses I belive. I just recived my case from Guitar Salon in Santa Barbra CA for 169.00 its called a humi case. The case Ottmar used is from Acord and cost anywhere from 900.00-1400.00+ My looks cool. I think it would not be good for flight check in but would be good for local and travel if not being checked in.

Lightweight and durable, this modern yet classy handcrafted case features a convenient climatic protection system to protect your investment with great style. Notable features include a soft velour padded interior with accessory compartment, well-padded neck and body support, sturdy hinges and latches (2 of the 6 latches are lockable), and adjustable shouder strap.
Overall Length: 40″
Body Length: 20″
Body Depth: 4 1/2″
Lower Bout: 15 1/2″
Upper Bout: 12″
Weight: 10 lbs.
– Two custom-designed compact humidification units specially adapted for installation in your own guitar case.
– Bottle of specially formulated HumiCase Activation Solution for use in the humidification units.

My New Love with my older Flamenco Negra # 104101

This was my frist purchase of a Flamenco Negra Gutar for Berklee Music. I have had this guitar in its case for over 6 months and recienlty I took it out and have played it for a few people. I have also recored a few songs with this guitar. People have liked the sound that they have herd so I am going to keep experment playing with this guitar. Its a bit narrower at the neck 52mm- vs the 52+ which I like a bit more. Lester Devoe is thinking of makeing a biger nut at the neck for me something in the relm of 55+60mm we will be meeting sometime this summer to discuss this mesurment. For now I will stick with my two negras from Berklee Music Center in Berklee CA.. the Motalvo gutiar from Gerorge Motalvo at Berklee Music Center.

B Band UST

The B-Band UST (Under-Saddle Transducer)* still stands as the first transducer that alone, sounds better than many pickup / microphone combinations. An instrument equipped with a B-Band UST has enhanced countless productions, in the studio and in live performance, by being able to produce a great acoustic tone quickly.

Designated as the “4th Gen UST”, the new 2002 UST has been stiffened for better string balance qualities, higher output, greater durability and even lower background noise. Evolution of the revolutionary B-Band UST has been prompted by the many knowledgeable and fantastic artists that B-Band works with. This significantly updated UST is a testament to that spirit.

Even though these changes have been made, the UST remains very thin – only 0.4 mm / .015″ – and usually does not require a new string saddle or adjustment to saddle cavity. Since the UST is all one piece – i.e: not segmented – positioning for string spacing is a thing of the past. The UST is a flexible, rugged and constant structure all the way to the preamp. Connection to the preamp is an easy “plug in” without soldering.

Schug Wine

What an outstaing wine i give it a 92 Schug Pinot Noir Carneos 2004 I higly recomend you tase and enjoy a bottle. This is my new fav pino.

Robert Fripps Diary

Robert Fripp’s Diary
In the world of music, (it appears to us that) the musician creates the music. It is more accurate to say that music creates the musician. For a musician, it is not a ‘temptation’ to be present & involved when music becomes available to enter the phenomenal world: it is a matter of being & doing who & what we are. A musician who undertakes the professional life enters a life of grief and pain: what has value is accorded a price. But when a musician believes that music is a commodity, music has just died in them.
Yes, all true. The question is, as professional musicians do we spend more time making music than we would be able to if we had another job and music was our special ‘hobby’. Or are we bogged down by business decissions we have to make.

This reminds me of our ListeningLounge. Download purchases per song unfortunately are in the hundreds, not the thousands. The cost of creating the LL and of running it are currently higher than the returns. This raises the question what am I willing to do to promote the LL and myself. Not much actually. If you, the listener, enjoy the LL you will tell others.

Read on and don’t miss this gem, a letter to Fripp from a Japanese fan:
’Cold’ means a highest state of performance of total objectivity, no intension of trying to express something personal after an endless discipline. In other words, ’It is Just there’ I suppose.
And toward the end Fripp talks about recording splashes for Windows. I thought he’d be mad that somebody video-taped the session, but he does not mention that.

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Reunion with a Friend

Well this is my old frind Regina B. She used to be my music agent. We took some time to get away from the bussness. Now we just are are working on our friendship. I think there is a place for friends to be in the buss that we work but at the same time busneess and frindship dont always work.