Links to Links for Accoustic Gutiar Players

KEY: UST = undersaddle transducer; SBT = soundboard transducer; MAG = magnetic pickup; DUAL = multiple-source systems; AMP = amplifiers; PRE = preamps; DI = direct-injection boxes; DIG = digital processors.

Ashdown (AMP):
Aphex (PRE, DI):
B-Band (UST, SBT, DUAL):
L.R. Baggs (UST, SBT, DUAL, MAG, PRE, DI):
Behringer (AMP, PRE, DI):
Bose (AMP):
Carvin (AMP):
Crate (AMP):
Daedalus Music (AMP):
Dean Markley (MAG, UST, SBT, DUAL):
Epiphone (AMP):
Fender (AMP):
Genz Benz (AMP):
Headway (UST, SBT, PRE):
Highlander (UST, DUAL, PRE):
Kustom (AMP):
Lace (MAG):
McIntyre (SBT):
Marshall (AMP):
Peavey (AMP):
Pendulum (PRE):
Rocktron (AMP):
Roland (AMP, PRE, DIG):
SC Labs (UST, SBT, PRE):
Seymour Duncan (MAG, UST, SBT):
Schatten Design (UST, SBT, PRE):
Schertler (AMP, UST, SBT, PRE, DI):
Shadow (MAG, UST, SBT, DUAL, PRE):
Sunrise (MAG, PRE):
Tech 21 (AMP, PRE, DI):
Trance Audio (SBT, PRE):
Traveler (AMP):
Ultrasound (AMP, PRE):
Washburn (AMP):
Yamaha (DIG): 


Lose Control Gain Command

I had to get this one. won one on ebay last night.

Martin Sound MSS-10 Used on new song Anticpation of U

The Chain is: The Shure KSM 44 Mic, into the Martin Sound MSS-10 then a TRS cable to the Motu 828mkII and into the Fire Wire 400 port into the Mac Powerbook G4 running Locic 7 Express and a Glymp 200 Firewire in the 800 port.

Hope to be hear soon with my Wife

Lady Charlene (I mean Mam) Your awesome

Well yesterday my friend Charlene and I were talking and somehow we got on to the subject of wine, somehow we always do. Well I told her that Kathy (my fiance) is getting all this cool house stuff but I just wanted stuff from guitar center or wine stuff. Well today she shared with some friends at Siemens in Sunnyvale CA and they were moved to buy some nice Cab glasses from Crate and barrel (Thanks so very much to you) well one of her friends bought two glasses and then another bought two, I have never meet these folks and what a nice suprize on the way in to work at PH, Charlene told me that her friends at work purchased the glasses and it just made me feel special. Its been a hard few weeks in the ER (Emergency Room)and PH (Princeton House) and this was just a very nice reminder that people do like to do nice things for others and it really made me feel special. O Charlene feel free to tell your friends about the nice music equipment that I like to. Thanks to all of you again. V

Cool Sight for Ring Tones

This sight was a sight that Ottmar Liebert commitmented on his blog and I checked it out and downloaded a few tones for my Treo 650 and it is pretty easy. Check it out. Hear is a clip from the web page and some info: About WolframTones

When prominent scientist Stephen Wolfram published A New Kind of Science in 2002, it was immediately hailed as a major intellectual landmark. Today the paradigm shift that Wolfram’s work initiated is starting revolutions in a remarkable range of areas of science, technology–and the arts. WolframTones is an experiment in applying Wolfram’s discoveries to the creation of music.

At the core of A New Kind of Science is the idea of exploring a new abstract universe: a “computational universe” of simple programs. In A New Kind of Science, Wolfram shows how remarkably simple programs in his “computational universe” capture the essence of the complexity–and beauty–of many systems in nature.

WolframTones works by taking simple programs from Wolfram’s computational universe, and using music theory and Mathematica algorithms to render them as music. Each program in effect defines a virtual world, with its own special story–and WolframTones captures it as a musical composition.

It’s all original music–fresh from “mining” Wolfram’s computational universe. Sometimes it’s reminiscent of familiar musical styles; sometimes it’s like nothing ever heard before. But from just the tiniest corner of the computational universe WolframTones can make everyone on Earth their own unique cellphone ringtone. It’s a taste of what it’s like to explore the computational universe–and a hint what’s to come…

Well Things are Moving Along (Where do we find Love)

Well things are moving along with the wedding plans, Kat has been great and very patient with this old man who still wants to be a guitar player professionally. Well with all my fears and brokeness she is still patient with me and its a very loving place to be. I find that in our relationship we are ever growing and ever evolving into more loving people even when we blow it its a chance for the other person to show love, and I give kathy many chances at showing love. I wonder what life would be like if people who blew it were shown love and compassion on their poor choices or circumstances, I think this kind of love may not just be something that one can conjure up themselves. I think its a love that can be show by us humans but we must get this love from something bigger than ourselves. I think this is where the true teachings found in the Bible can come alive, Jesus Christ showed this kind of love with the woman at the well, the thief on the cross, the tax collector. Well I know I am far from loving the way Christ loved but what else is there to really live for? Money, Sex Power, Food, Wine while all of those things in there right place can be awesome they themselves dont bring life (they do feel good) but there is an emptiness in those things with out true relationship and love. I believe that we must Love God and Others and that is where we will become alive. Our lives may be the time spent to clean out what gets in the way. To live is to give to others what we really do have and not what we don’t. Where are you getting what you give and what do you give when you do give? Well there’s my thought for the day.