QSC K8, Mackie ProFX 8,DPA 4099G, DeVoe Best Live set up I’ve used

I have found a live PA set up that I really like and I think captures the sound of my playing on the DeVoe’s very faithfully and clean. I am using one my DeVoe’s either a Negra or Blanca, with the DPA 4099 G mic that goes straight to the Mackie Pro Fx 8 Mixer. On the mixer I have the mic pre at about 4 o’clock, all the mic channel eq are at 12 noon and then I use effects number 8 at 50% and cut a few of the frequencies on the graphic eq. Then straight to the QSC K 8. Thats it and it sounds like I am in my studio.



Mackie Pro FX8 New Live Rig

For live performance I will try this rig out. A DPA 4099G or Shure KSM 141mic, Mackie Pro FX 8, DBX 265XL, BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer, Carvin 1500wt Stereo Power Amp, 2 Carvin 15in Speakers.