Luthier Music Corp in NYC worst service NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!

I have been trying for 5 weeks to get a refund from this store. I have sent emails, called on the phone and even visited the store. The product was not working for be a Barkus Berry Pick up. Well they have my money, they have had the product since christmas and no refund or store credit. The woman in the pic below says she can’t do anything. She only works hear. Never Never buy from this place use stings by mail. Guitar Salon but not this place worst service I have ever had and to think I was going to spend 10000.00 hear and refer two people as well.


Bass Strings for DeVoe Luthier #20

To order strings just click the link and you will be brought to strings by mail. I use them to purchase most of my strings they allow for single, treble and bass string order and sets instead of the whole set of one type.