“To be Flamenco is to have another skin, other passions, other desires. It is a different way of seeing the world, with music in one’s nerves, a fierce pride, happiness mingled with tears; it is a loathing of routine and sameness; it is to be intoxicated in song, wine, and kisses. It is the translation of life into an art of caprices and freedom.” – Tomas Borras


MOTU Track 16 and DPA 4099G and RMC Pickups

Ive been recently streamling my live set up. Im using the Fishman SA 220 amp, with my DeVoe Blanca that has the RMC Pickups with a Ploly Drive II preamp (off board not on the guitar) I was using the Fishman Aura Spectrum DI but this weekend I tried using just the Poly-Drive and the DPA 4099g mic and really liked the sound. I will be using the MOTU Track 16 as my mixer with the Waves API plug ins and run that to the Fishman SA 220. The RMC Ploly Drive will conect to a Roland GI-20 gutiar midi interface that will Triger Spectrasonics Omnispher running on a Mac Book Pro using Apple’s Main Stage.

Plugins for Live Playing

A gift from my buddy Taz Sellers, the SSL Channel Strip, CLA-2A Compression and BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer with Lexicion Hall Verb running on my MacBook Pro. I’m using the Apogee One as my interface with either the LR Baggs pickup or my DPA 4099G mic then out to two QSC K8 speakers for live playing.


Live Set Up DeVoe, Shure or DPA, Mackie, QSC

In the ever evolving set up for that ultimate tone I have stumbled across a set up that I actually like quite a bit. Its my DeVoe guitars Blanca and Negra, with a Shure KSM 141 Mic (bass rolled off) or the DPA 4099G Mic (which is nice in that I don’t need a mic stand), Mackie ProFX 8 (number 8 verb@12 noon) eq. on mic pre flat, graphic eq a few frequencies tamed (see pic) QSC K 8 Speaker and Powered amp in one 1000watt package at 28 Lbs.

Flamenco In Princeton 5.1.2010

Some pics from the show.

For the sound gear we use Carvin, 1644U Mixer, Carvin 1500wt Power Amp, DPA 4099G, Shure KSM 141 &SM57, Carvin Mics, American DJ Lights and On Stage Stands and Supports, The System that Carvin sent us was fantastic.

Flamenco Show and PARTY in Philly at The Arts Garage

ibd Brush on Gel Resin & Nail Filler Powder

I recently found this new product at gutiarplayernails, however when I checked today they dont seem to offer it any more, so on Sallys they offer it for 2.99 and your have great nails for flamenco guitar playing in 5 second. They last about two weeks and I have found them to be supper easy and quick.

Holds its shape without running
Blends well with filler powders for maximum strength and flexibility
Great for quick, on-the-go nail repairs
Easy to use formula
Easy brush on formula. Its thick formula is perfect for wraps, silk repairs, and strengthening natural nails. It has a no-drip formula that fills gaps and uneven nail beds. It also eliminates air pockets. This non-yellowing IBD gel resin is a versatile product offering maximum strength and flexibility for all nail services.