Pro Tools 8.0.3 Error 6097 and just shuts down or freezes

Had some problems thus week in Pro Tools after I did the Spectronics updates for Trillion and Omnisphere. was getting error codes 6097 increase buffer/ lost communication with host. So Taz and I thought keys try a uninstall and reinstall using the download availabe to registered users of Pro Toos at Avid’s web page. Downloaded the file and did the uninstall and reinstal. So far looks good will check in an hour and post what I find out over the next two days.

Update: 2.27.10 Did not work less than one hour problem came back and froze the computer.

**UPDATE** 3.7.10Looks like the new Line 6 midi driver really messes up Pro Tools. I was using the Line 6 Pod XT Pro and did have it hooked up to the computer via midi with a usb cable and as soon as I turned the Line 6 Pod XT Pro on the system would crash. Uninstalled the new update and Pro Tools is working great. Have done two full days of recoding with no issues.


Bells Big Sur

Paco DeLucia playing DeVoe pics

CA Trip Pics

New Bell

Picked up a big bell in Big Sur. It sounds very nice and I think we will use it as a door bell.

Vist with Lester DeVoe

I had a wonderful vist with Lester DeVoe this morning at his shop in Nipimo CA we talked about his guitars and the next one that he will be building for me later this year. It will deffinaltly be a Blanca but I’m not sure if I want to go with Spruce or Cedar. I had my Negra tuned up and pegs cleaned. It was very cool to hear that Poco De Lucia used a DeVoe on stage recenty. I had a great time talking and visiting with him. He is a great guy to spend time with as well have build your guitar.

Miro’s Guitar Nails

I wanted to try somthing that dud not cover the whole nail bed, did nit like that acrilic nails cover THD whole nail bed and destroy the bed. this can cover the end if the nail and a few centimeters in. they also are not as thick as other acrilic nails.

Miro’s Guitar Nails is an innovative nail care system for all nylon
string guitarists. More than 20 year’s research and development have
now gone into this product which was the first in its field and is

Its developer Miro Simic has collaborated with established medical and
scientific researchers. He is an accomplished guitarist and teacher and
is a leading nail expert, who regularly gives seminars and courses on
nail care all over the world. Miro’s nails have been used for years by
guitarists whose names are famous worldwide, now you have a chance to
share their experience and try it out!

This Emergency Nail Repair Kit lasts quite long and the nails are very
hard after 3 or 4 layers of silk and glue. You can do your dishes, take
a shower, bath, swim, if you put them properly, they’ll hold. With this
product you can not only reinforce your nails, you can also lengthen
the broken nail. This can be a life saver! This complete set contains
everything you need for emergencies. Resin-glue, china-silk, 3-grade
buffer, form-file and spreader…

How to strengthen a weak nail:

1. Use the 3-grade buffer to roughen the upper surface around the free-edge of the nail.

2. Cut a strip of china silk sized to cover the tip of the nail.

3. Remove the protective paper.

4. Press and mould the china-silk into the area you want to strengthen.

5. Apply a small drop of resin-glue to the china-silk. [WARNING:
resin-glue contains cyanoacrylte. It is an eye irritant and bonds skin
in seconds – keep away from children].

6. Smooth it around with the plastic spreader until the silk is saturated. Let it dry and then buff lightly.

7. When the resin has set hard, trim the silk ‘overhang’ from the sides
and edges of the nail using the form-file, or a glass file, in a
downwards direction. Finish by using the buffer gently to obtain a
smooth, polished and natural look.

8. If necessary re-apply the resin-glue to cover the entire silk,
working-in very small amounts at a time. Apply more resin-glue as
necessary until the desired thickness of the nail is achieved.

How to lengthen a nail:

This process is similar to the above (steps 1-7). The main difference
is that the silk strip is sized and placed so that it overhangs the
nail tip thereby increasing its effective length. Now coat with resin
again and apply another layer of silk. Re-apply resin, let dry, buff,
shape and polish. If necessary add more layers. Each layer should be
smooth and shiny and fully cover previous ones.

How to repair a broken nail:

Careful preparation is essential. Cut the silk to the desired size and
continue as in section for to strengthen a weak nail. Now put another